LandMark™ Broad Range Prestained Protein Marker(dual color)
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20050 LandMark™ Broad Range Prestained Protein Marker(dual color) 500 ul -20℃ $100
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• Dual color size standard (blue and orange)
• Broad range size estimation(7-240kDa)
• Highly purified and blended 10 recombinant proteins
• User oriented ready to use solution


LandMark™ broad range prestained protein marker(dual color) is a dual color prestained size marker. It is a mixture of 10 recombinant purified and prestained polypeptides whose molecular weights are well-adjusted ranging from 7,000 to 240,000 Da. It is provided preblended in a ready-to-use formula and no reconstitution or further dilution is necessary before use. A blue and pink chromophore is covalently bound to proteins, and 10 prestained proteins are visible during electrophoresis or electrophoretic transfer from the gel to a membrane. The 25 KDa and 70 KDa proteins labeled with orange chromophore offer easy identification and serve as a landmark. Because coupling of chromophore to the proteins affects their apparent molecular weights in SDS-PAGE, unstained protein standard should be used for accuracy >95%.

Usage Information

1.5 ug/ul in 62.5 mM Tris-HCl (pH6.8), 15% Glycerol, 1% SDS, 1% b-mercaptoethanol
Recommended loading volume: 5ul/lane
Typical number of lanes: 100
Number of Bands: 10
Range (Kd): 7-240
Recommended storage condition: -20℃ for one year