SeeNA™ Nucleic Acid Stains
Cat No. Manual Product Size Storage Temp. Price(US$) Qty chk
10300 SeeNA™ Nucleic Acid Stains 1 ml -20°C $50
10301 SeeNA™ Nucleic Acid Stains 5ea X 1 ml -20°C $200
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Product Description

SeeNATM Nucleic Acid Stains developed by Mbiotech are a kind of new generation of fluorescent nucleic acid gel stains designed to replace the highly toxic ethidium bromide (EtBr). SeeNATM Nucleic Acid Stains is nontoxic and highly sensitive than EtBr. Gels can be visualized in UV transilluminator or Visible Light Transilluminator. 


* Safety: nontoxic and noncarcinogenic.
* Ultrasensitivity: allows the visualization of as little as 20pg dsDNA, around 5-10 times more sensitive than  EtBr in UV transilluminator and 8-20 times more sensitive than EtBr in Visible Light Transilluminator.
* Convenience: no need to rinse or wash gels. Add stain before load samples. Visualize gels in SeeNA™  LED Transilluminator or in Visible Light Transilluminator to avoid UV damage on DNA/RNA. 
UV transilluminator also is available for broad usage.
* Wide range: suitable for agarose gel or PAGE
* No effect on downstream experiments: RT, PCR, enzyme digestion, and ligation.
* Strong signal and no background.
* Low cost: 1ml SeeNATM Nucleic Acid Stain is sufficient to load 10,000 samples.