Genomic DNA purification kit for Blood sample
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16051 Genomic DNA purification kit for Blood sample 50 preps RT $125
16201 Genomic DNA purification kit for Blood sample 200 preps RT $400
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The Genomic DNA purification kit (for blood sample) is the ideal tool for a fast and convenient manual isolation and purification of total DNA> Fresh or frozen whole blood treated with EDTA or citrate, but not with heparin, from common blood collection systems can be used.
The  Genomic DNA purification kit (for blood sample) is an excellent tool offering a speedy and economic method to purify total DNA (e.g. genomic, mitochondrial and viral DNA) from whole blood (fresh or frozen), plasma, serum, buffy coat, body fluids, lymphocytes and cultured cells. This technology first lyses cells and degrades protein by using a chaotropic salt and Proteinase K, then binds DNA to silica-based membranes, washes DNA with ethanol-contained Wash Buffer and then elutes purified DNA by low salt Elution Buffer or ddH2O. Compare with other harmful and time-consuming procedures, such as phenol/chloroform extraction and ethanol precipitation, Genomic DNA purification kit (for blood sample) shortens the handling time within 1 hour. The size of purified DNA is up to 50 Kb (predominantly 20-30 kb). After using Genomic DNA purification kit (for blood sample) the high quality total DNA can be used directly for the downstream applications.
For reproducible and high yields appropriate sample storage is essential. The purified DNA can be used for molecular biological analysis.
The product is intended for use by professional users such as technicians, physicians and biologists trained in molecular biological techniques. It is designed to be used with any downstream application employing enzymatic amplification or other enzymatic modification of DNA followed by signal detection or amplification. Any molecular biological results generated using the sample preparation procedure in conjunction with any downstream molecular biological assay should be interpreted with regard to other clinical or laboratory findings. To minimize irregularities in molecular biological results, adequate controls for downstream applications should be used.
The protocol for the isolation and all buffers are optimized for a high yield as well as a high purity. All hands on steps are reduced to a minimum.

Kit Contents

Genomic DNA Purification Kit (for blood sample)
50 preps
200 preps
Cat. No.
BG Buffer
11 ml
44 ml
Wash Buffer I( (conc.)
16 ml
33 ml X 2
Wash Buffer II (conc.)
11 ml
22 ml X 2
Elution Buffer
15 ml
23 ml
Proteinase K
1 ml
1 ml x 4
50 ea
200 ea
2.0 ml Collection Tube
50 ea
200 ea
1 ea
1 ea


Isolation of total DNA from whole blood 

Quality Control

The performance of Genomic DNA Purification Kit (for blood sample) is monitored routinely on a lot number. The quality of isolated DNA is checked by restriction digestion, agarose gel electrophoresis, and spectrophotometry.

Storage Condition

All buffers and kit contents should be stored at room temperature (RT) and are stable for at least 12 months under these conditions.
The Proteinase K stock solution can be stored at room temperature or at 2–8°C but recommended storage temperature is -20℃.
Room temperature is defined as range from 15-25°C.