One-Step qPCR SYBR Green 2X Mastermix Kit
Cat No. Manual Product Size Storage Temp. Price(US$) Qty chk
18400 One-Step qPCR SYBR Green 2X Mastermix Kit 2 X 1.25 ml -20℃ $150
18401 One-Step qPCR SYBR Green 2X Mastermix Kit 4 X 1.25 ml -20℃ $280
18402 One-Step qPCR SYBR Green 2X Mastermix Kit 10 X 1.25 ml -20℃ $640
18403 One-Step qPCR SYBR Green 2X Mastermix Kit 20 X 1.25 ml -20℃ $1,100
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The Mbiotech SYBR One-Step Kit contains a ready-to-use reagent for real-time RT-PCR for use on various real-time instruments. The Mbiotech SYBR One-Step Kit provides high performance, reproducible first strand cDNA synthesis and subsequent SYBR Green-based real-time PCR assays, using a single protocol. Both cDNA synthesis and PCR are performed in a single tube using gene-specific primers and either total RNA or mRNA. The kit combines a reverse transcriptase and a proprietary hot-start DNA polymerase,  for high PCR specificity and sensitivity of the one-step RT-PCR. Mbiotech SYBR One-Step is inactivate and possesses no polymerase activity during the reaction set-up, preventing non-specific amplification including primer-dimer formation.
The Mbiotech SYBR One-Step Kit consists of a 2X The Mbiotech SYBR One-Step mix, separate reverse transcriptase and RNase Inhibitor.

Storage and Stability

The Mbiotech SYBR One-Step Kit is shipped on Dry/Blue Ice. All kit components should be stored at -20℃ upon receipt. Excessive freeze/thawing is not recommended. When stored under optimum conditions, the reagents are stable for a minimum of 6 months from date of purchase.

Quality Control

The Mbiotech SYBR One-Step Kit and its components are extensively tested for activity, processivity, efficiency, heat activation, sensitivity, absence of nuclease contamination and absence of nucleic acid contamination.

Safety Precautions

Harmful if swallowed. Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin. Please refer to the material safety data sheet for further information.

Kit compatibility

The 2x Mbiotech SYBR One-Step Kit has been optimized for use in SYBR Green-based real-time RT-PCR on the real-time instruments listed in the following compatibility table, each of these instruments having the capacity to analyze the real-time PCR data with the passive reference signal either on or off. The kit is also compatible with several instruments that do not require the use of ROX, such as the Qiaren (Corbett) Rotor-GeneTM 6000, the Bio-Rad CFX96 or the Roche LightCycler® 480.
Optional ROX: The Mbiotech SYBR ROX Kit is premixed with ROX (5-carboxy-X-rhodamine, succinymidyl ester), so that where necessary, ROX fluorescence can be optionally detected on certain real-time instruments. If your real-time instrument has the capability of using ROX and you wish to use this option, then this option must be selected by the user in the software.  

Kit contents

SYBR Green One-Step (2X)  2 X 1.25 ml 4 X 1.25 ml 10 X 1.25 ml 20 X 1.25 ml
RNase Inhibitor (10U/ ul) 100 ul   200 ul   500 ul   2 X 500 ul 
100 X Reverse Transcriptase 50 ul   100 ul   250 ul    500 ul 
DEPC-H2O 1 X 1.8 ml   2 X 1.8 ml   3 X 1.8 ml   6 X 1.8 ml