RNA Isolation Solution
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15100 Total RNA Isolation Solution 100 ml 2-8°C $150
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The RNA Isolation Solution have single-step method for the isolation of total RNA from tissues, cells, bacteria, plants, yeasts and biological fluids. The “hands-on time” necessary for the whole procedure is reduced to minimum.
Total RNA purified by the RNA Isolation Solution is ready to use for a broad panel of downstream applications.
The product is intended for use by professional users such as technicians, physicians and biologists trained in molecular biological techniques. It is designed to be used with any downstream application employing enzymatic amplification
The RNA Isolation Solution is a reagent from the improved phenol and guanidine isothiocyanate (GSN) method for the single-step RNA isolation. During sample homogenization or lysis, Tri-RNA reagent maintains the integrity of the RNA, while disrupting cells and dissolving cell components. The composition of RNA Isolation Solution includes phenol and GSN in a mono-phase solution. A biological sample is homogenized or lysed in Tri-RNA reagent and homogenate is separated into the aqueous and organic phases by chloroform addition, vortexing and centrifugation. RNA remains exclusively in the aqueous phase (clear upper phase), DNA in the interphase, and proteins remain in the organic phase (red color). RNA is precipitated from aqueous phase by addition of isopropanol and solubilized/concentrated. If needed, DNA and proteins can be sequentially precipitated from the interphase and organic phase with ethanol and isopropanol respectively and solubilized/concentrated.


Single-step for the isolation of total RNA from tissues, cells, bacteria, plants, yeasts and biological fluids
The entire procedure for total RNA isolation is less than 1 hour.
The purified RNA can be applied in: RT-PCR, qPCR, Northern hybridization, RNase protection, PolyA+RNA selection, differential display, and Micro-array assay.

Quality Control

RNA Isolation Solution can be guaranteed the correct function for applications as described in the manual. In accordance with Mbiotech’s certified Quality Management System each component of the RNA Isolation Solution was tested against predetermined specifications to ensure consistent product quality.

Storage Condition

RNA Isolation Solution can be shipped at ambient temperature.
But upon arrival, it has to be stored at 2 – 8 ℃ in the brown glass bottle for routine use.
RNA Isolation Solution is stable for at least 12 months under these conditions.


  Total RNA purified from E. coli cells(3 samples) using RNA Isolation Solution .

Total RNA purified from human adipocytes using RNA Isolation Solution