2.0ml Screw Cap tubes
Cat No. Manual Product Size Storage Temp. Price(US$) Qty chk
SC-003-R 2.0ml Screw Cap tube-Red 1000ea/pk $100
SC-003-P 2.0ml Screw Cap tube-Pink 1000ea/pk $100
SC-003-Y 2.0ml Screw Cap tube-Yellow 1000ea/pk $100
SC-003-G 2.0ml Screw Cap tube-Green 1000ea/pk $100
SC-003-B 2.0ml Screw Cap tube-Blue 1000ea/pk $100
SC-003-V 2.0ml Screw Cap tube-Violet 1000ea/pk $100
SC-003-GR 2.0ml Screw Cap tube-Grey 1000ea/pk $100
SC-003-C 2.0ml Screw Cap tube-Clear 1000ea/pk $100
SC-003-BA 2.0ml Screw Cap tube-Black 1000ea/pk $100
SC-003-A 2.0ml Screw Cap tube-Amber 1000ea/pk $100
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Mbiotech's Screw cap tube is ideal for any sample-processing or storage application imaginable and especially for working
with Valuable or hazardous cells and materials. Our high quality Screw cap tubes & caps are made from polypropylene with
Gamma-ray resistance and excellent chemical resistance. Our O-rings are made from silicon rubber with with Gamma-ray
resistance and excellent chemical resistance.
Our Screw Cap tubes are available in clear, translucent brown and opaque Balck. Our Screw Caps are available in clear, blue,
Red, yellow, violet, green, translucent brown and opaque black.