Total RNA Purification Kit (for Blood sample)
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15050 Total RNA Purification Kit (for Blood sample) 50 preps RT $150
15200 Total RNA Purification Kit (for Blood sample) 200 preps RT $465
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The RNA Mini Purification Kit is the ideal tool for reliable and fast manual isolation and purification of high quality total RNA from whole blood, cultured cells, bacteria and yeast. For reproducible high yields and appropriate sample storage and quick operation under the rules for RNA operation is essential. The purified RNA is ready to use for molecular biological analysis. The isolation protocol and all buffers are optimized to assure a high yield as well as a high purity of purified total RNA. All manual work is reduced to a minimum.
The product is indented for use by professional users such as technicians, physicians and biologist trained in molecular biological techniques. It is designed to be used with any downstream application employing enzymatic amplification or other enzymatic modifications of RNA followed by signal detection or amplification.
The RNA Mini Purification Kit is designed for extraction of total RNA from whole blood and cultured cells. Some specially modified protocols are developed for other samples, such as bacteria and yeast. This method first lyses cells by using a chaotropic salt, then binds RNA to silica-based membranes, washed RNA with ethanol-contained wash buffer and then elutes purified RNA by RNase-free ddH2O. It takes 30 min for an entire procedure, and the purified RNA is ready for RT-PCR, northern blotting, primer extension and cDNA library construction.
RNA Mini Purification Kit is either validated for the isolation of total RNA from serum or plasma for virus. The performance of the kit in isolating and purifying total RNA from fecal samples has not been evaluated. The kit was not tested on its ability to desalinate RNA or for RNA purification from enzymatic reactions, like DNase, Proteinase digestion, RNA ligation or labeling reactions.
The included chemicals are only useable once.


Sampling: up to 300 ul of human whole blood
Yield: Up to 1-12 μg of total RNA from 200 ul of human whole blood
Up to 30-50 ug of total RNA from 1X109 bacterial cells
Up to 5-20 ug of total RNA from 1X106 cultured cells.
Handling time: about 30 minutes

Kit Contents

RNA Mini Purification Kit
50 preps
200 preps
Cat. No.
RL Buffer
120 ml
240 ml x 2
RB Buffer
25 ml
90 ml
Wash Buffer I
30 ml
90 ml
Wash Buffer II (conc.)
15 ml
35 ml x 2
RNase-free ddH2O
6 ml
12 ml
Filter Column
50 ea
200 ea
50 ea
200 ea
2.0ml Collection Tube
100 ea
400 ea
Elution Tube
50 ea
200 ea
Quick Guide
1 ea
1 ea

Quality Control

RNA Mini Purification Kit can be guaranteed the correct function for applications as described in the manual. In accordance with Mbiotech’s certified Quality Management System each component of the RNA Mini Purification Kit were tested against predetermined specifications to ensure consistent product quality.

Storage Condition

All buffers and kit contents should be stored at room temperature (RT) and are stable for at least 12 months under these conditions.
Room temperature is defined as range from 15-25°C.